Don’t Cancel the Impact!

Creative Visions Virtual Advantage meets all your digital events needs with creativity and confidence.


Ideal for Team Training and Lecture Presentations

Virtual Advantage: Share is a robust collaboration tool, giving a multitude of moderators the ability to clearly present data from anywhere in the world.

  • Audio, Video and Content in a Single Interface
  • Q&A Functionality = User/Presenter Interaction
  • Real Time Engagement through Phone or voIP
  • Attendees can view host from any device
  • Powerful Polling to Gauge Audience Feedback


Ideal for Large Groups Spread Geographically

Virtual Advantage: Connect is a dynamic streaming solution that provides your attendees the ability to view content from any browser or device.

  • Streaming is a One-Way Communication
  • Live Q&A and Audience Chat Functionality
  • Customizable Branded Experience
  • Password Protection for Added Security
  • Attendees can view host from any device



Ideal for multiple concurrent sessions or those seeking to extend the reach of your physical event

Virtual Advantage: Experience is a cloud-based venue solution that ties together all your complex digital meeting needs into singular hosted microsite.

  • Live and OnDemand Presentations
  • Meeting Collateral Storage and Sharing
  • Social Networking Chats and Private Discussions
  • Temporary or Perpetual Site Hosting
  • Detailed Activity Tracking and Insightful Analytics