The ROI of Channel Partner Conferences

Posted in Case Study, Measurement

In this real world, two-part case study, an insurance company executive was tasked to reduce spending across all areas. Instead, he chose to build the business case for maintaining their investment in channel partner conferences by undertaking a study of the Return On Investment (ROI). The findings of the study conducted by Todd Hanson, Chief Engagement Officer at Creative Visions, were conclusive. The conferences produced a 192% ROI and were found to contribute many other intangible benefits to the organization. Consequently, the investment in the conferences was defended and justified. The conferences continued uninterrupted.

Read more about how ROI was measured and calculated in the below two-part white paper co-published by the Enterprise Engagement Alliance and ROI of Engagement:

ROI of Allsante Channel Partner Conference Part One

ROI of Allsante Channel Partner Conference Part Two