Ben Rumer

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Affectionately known as “Gigantor”, Durham’s own Ben Rumer is a Senior Technical Director. Thirteen years of experience have seen him implement a wealth of projects, ensuring proper engineering, setup, operation, and tear down of shows in the US, Mexico, and Japan. Ben is also the lead audio operator for CV, and helps design sound systems for events. He has never been defeated by a rogue hot mike. Ever.

Ben finds inspiration in his parents, trying to emulate their work ethic and unconditional love. And because he knows gadgets so well, he’s definitely a fan of Iron Man and Batman (He’s OK with the billionaire philanthropist thing as well.) An avid piano player and video gamer, he enjoys playing hoops (although not as much you’d expect from someone who is 6’ 8”.)

Favorite movie: Air Force One

Favorite quote: “Do not practice until you get it right. Practice until you cannot get it wrong.” – Lisa McIver