About ROI of Engagement

Our vision…

to see people proactively and positively involved in the workplace and, as a result, see organizations succeed in the marketplace.

Our mission…

to empower organizations to more successfully invest in engagement by providing them with workshops, certification courses, webinars, keynote speaking, consulting, ROI evaluation and the ROI Resource Center at www.ROIofEngagement.com.

Our values…

business success can be improved through the skillful design, confident deployment, and competent execution of incentives, meetings, events, training, rewards, recognition, and loyalty programs. Measurement can improve them all.

The initiative utilizes ROI Methodology™ developed by The ROI Institute. Founded in 1992 by Drs. Jack and Patti Phillips, The ROI Institute has developed and refined a worldwide accepted method of measuring ROI. The system includes isolation techniques and strict guiding principles, all in an effort to create results measurement that is credible with C-Level executives. ROI Methodology™ is used to conduct literally thousands of studies each year in more than 50 countries. The ROI of Engagement model meets the specialized needs of engagement initiatives and helps companies confidently deploy programs knowing that they have credible ways to forecast and measure ROI.

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