Creative Visions is more than strategic live events. Our Media Services team produces high-impact videos and animations that move audiences. Below is a small sampling of our work for clients across diverse industries. For more about how we can help you create unparalleled visual solutions, contact us.

Video Demo

Our video reel provides you a great feel for the various techniques and skills used for companies and institutions to present compelling visual content. Whether technology, health sciences, financial services, higher education or non-profit, we know how to translate your communication objectives into powerful stories.

Motion Graphics Demo

Check out our motion graphics reel for Q4 2017. These effects are limitless and can be used for any of your projects.

University Campaign Highlights with Time Lapse

How do you celebrate raising millions of dollars in short order to benefit the students of a major university? With a campaign kickoff that lifts the bar on what it means to connect with supporters, transforming a well-known coliseum into a venue unlike any ever seen. Take a look at the highlights of what went into this incredibly successful effort over a period of nearly a week. Note the time lapse segment that quickly illustrates the technical expertise required to create dramatic results.

Capturing the Emotion: University Athletic Hall of Fame Induction

When it’s time to highlight exceptional individuals in a high-energy way, a highlight reel consisting of actual event footage is a great way extend the impact. This video captures the emotion of the grand re-opening of a historic coliseum, and pays tribute to those who have had a lasting impact on the university’s athletic program.

Yearly Recap: Chamber of Commerce

It can be difficult to capture just how much happens at events, especially when the expectation is to put together a gathering that outdoes previous instances. This is the challenge that one chamber of commerce faces on a yearly basis. Videos like the following do a great job of capturing the essence of the event from start to finish–note the use of the spoken agenda and highlight footage. Videos like this provide not only a visual blueprint for future events, but a digital recap of the year.

Sharing the Story: Credit Union Foundation Gala

Sometimes a story is too good not to share. For this Credit Union, a night of celebrating non-profits and the great work they do requires a video that captures just how special it was. Mixing event preparation with event testimony is a powerful way to make the audience feel like they were there. Watch as a wealth of stories and the people affected by them are captured in an elegant video celebrating “The Power of Sharing.”

The Dingles’ Story: Hope Reins of North Carolina Mane Event

Every year, Hope Reins of North Carolina shares a special story from the ranch at their annual fundraiser. The Dingles are one of the families the organization is privileged to serve. This video provides a poignant look at their relationship with Hope Reins and is a powerful testimony to the positive impact made on young people’s lives.

Executive Technology Discussion

When you are trying to simplify an extremely complex solution, video can be a great mechanism. And when you pair a technical executive with a script that not only breaks down the concept, but explains why it is needed — and more importantly, why it works — the result is an impactful clip. This one can easily be understood by any audience. Take a look at the example from a global test and measurement company.

Technical Synopsis of Industry Trends

Evangelizing products is one thing; services are another. The former are concrete and can be filmed…but the latter, not so much. How do you communicate value when your client can’t see what you want to convey? In this case, the answer was simple; illustrate the service with a story that comes to life via bright, easily understandable animation. This video is a powerful example of how line art can be utilized to make complex concepts easy to understand.

General Product Overview

With a limited time frame to tell a story, videos must set up the story with a fast introduction that is easy to grasp. In this clip, we’re describing how to solve a problem. Following that, we’re given an introduction to the product that solves the problem, and then we get to see it in action. The result is a fast-paced video that doesn’t leave anything out–the “what” and “why” are laid out in an easy to absorb fashion.

Advanced Product Overview

While it’s relatively easy to tell an audience how a product works and why it’s needed, showing that in action is decidedly more difficult. Watch as we take a highly sophisticated solution used by trained technicians and make it a breeze to understand. And more importantly, how it keeps a cellular network humming.

Red Carpet Awards

Here is a fun video that was used to introduce an awards gala banquet. Take a look at how Creative Visions was able to capture footage and assemble it in an Oscar-worthy fashion!

Technology Vignette

More and more companies are looking for sophisticated ways to demonstrate their solutions. How can you stand out? This clip is unique as it provides a “first-person” look at a shopping experience. Note the blending of exceptional video and superimposed graphics.

Why Kids love St. David’s

Every school has a lot to offer its kids. But what makes yours genuinely special? Watch as this video provides a uptempo look at why St. David’s is a great place to attend from the student’s perspective.

Pre-Event Design Concepting

A common worry for event planners is that the actual event won’t match the vision created in the design phase. Creative Visions puts those worries to rest with 3-D visualizations which take the design concept and turn it into a fully-rendered virtual reality. For a university campaign, motion-controlled panels arrayed in a variety of manners were used. Take a look to see how the gala was imagined, which is very close to the final event you can see in the next video. 

Because of Frankie Lemmon

The Frankie Lemmon School is a 5-Star child development center that welcomes children ages 3-5 with and without disabilities.They provide life-changing education and support that leads to successful participation in family and community life and achievement of the child’s full potential. Creative Visions was blessed to work with them to capture the stories of their students and families and help create awareness for the families they impact.

Duke Children’s Dr. Reed and Dr. Kirk Have an Important Meeting

It’s time for a focus group! Ann M. Reed, MD, and Allan D. Kirk, MD, PhD, talk with some of the most essential people at Duke Children’s Hospital—their patients. The Creative Visions team had a great time interacting with a special group of kids. These are some smart cookies!

Heath’s Duke Children’s Story

Heath Tuttle underwent a heart transplant when he was eleven months old. Now ten, Duke Children’s Hospital and his supportive family give Heath all the tools he needs to lead a healthy and active life. Creative Visions was honored to work with Duke Children’s to create Heath’s Story. Learn more about Duke Children’s dedication to children of all ages and giving them the tools to lead an active and healthy life.