Freelance Lighting Technician

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Creative Visions, a strategic event solution company, is seeking knowledgeable and motivated technicians to add to our as needed call list. We are looking for people with 5+ years of expertise in lighting, sound and video. Individuals interested should contact with cover letter and résumé. References may be requested.

We are looking for L1 lighting lead/ board operator and L2 Master Electricians.

L1 – The L1 will have a strong background programing with moving lights, LED lighting rigs and media servers. Programing experience should include ETC, Grand MA and Hog lighting systems. Experience on an ETC Gio is a plus. The L1 will be skilled in reading a plot and running a setup crew and focusing a stage wash for IMAG. ETCP certification a plus.

L2 – The L2 will have knowledge in hooking up feeder cable and balancing a load across 3 phase power. Experience in hooking up and managing dimmer racks, power distro and metering power. The L2 will need to be able to hang lights and circuit from a plot and run setup crews. Rigging knowledge is a plus. ETCP certification is also a plus.