University Campaign


​The campaign for North Carolina State University began as a large fundraiser and quickly morphed into a gala unlike any the university had ever hosted. Good wasn’t good enough this year.

Just two weeks prior, Creative Visions had overseen the NC State Athletic Hall of Fame induction and grand reopening ceremonies at the newly renovated Reynolds Coliseum. The team had presented a plan for the Hall of Fame ceremony that included “MoCo,” or motion-controlled screens that could be positioned and move any number of ways during a live presentation. The concept wasn’t accepted. Instead, the plan was selected for use with the NC State Campaign. MoCo is expensive and complex, technical glitches are catastrophic. Expectations were high. The Campaign was critical to the continued success of the university.


Coordinating all parties involved required a large team from Creative Visions: an executive producer, technical director, project manager, producer, and MoCo producer all came on board at an early stage. Actual event setup began a full four days in advance.

In addition to presenters and inspirational content, one star of the show was an LED video wall. Running a full 90 minutes worth of original content, this was comprised of five 16’ high screens spanning 6’ feet wide. Complementing the wall were four full-white projection screens measuring 16’ high by 9’ wide. These screens were remote controlled to enable separation and movement, a technique that enhances graphics and show flow in a high impact manner.

Closing out the evening, former NCSU student turned country music star Scotty McCreery provided live music. Adding gravitas to his introduction, indoor pyrotechnics were used. It was a perfect, high impact ending to an amazing evening.


Toward the end of the evening, campaign results were unveiled: $2.5 million raised on behalf of the university! It was a fitting close, as expectations were high from the start. Nearly a hundred attendees had gathered outside the Coliseum at least 30 minutes before the event doors opening, and well over a thousand followed. For more information, view our event highlight reel.