State Inauguration


In 2013, North Carolina elected its first Republican Governor in ten years. Because this marked a significant change in political climate, the administration wanted to ensure that the inauguration clearly conveyed a new beginning. What was needed was a strategic event company with creative ideas that would be impactful for both television and the assembled live audience; there could be no mistaking that the event marked a change in momentum and direction for the state.

With over 8000 people expected from all over North Carolina in attendance, this was no simple government swearing-in. Further elevating complexity was the fact that there were significant security and other considerations to be taken into account, as well as compliance with State policies and budgeting.


The newly elected Lt. Governor had previously worked with Allin Foulkrod (President of Creative Visions) on a number of private sector events. Also differentiating the team was extensive political event experience–since their inception, they have made significant contributions to political rallies and campaigns involving past Presidents, Vice-Presidential candidates, and the Speaker of the House. This experience has yielded compelling technology and design expertise.

Responsible for the design, printing, stage management, and sound for the gala, CV utilized the front steps of the Capitol building as a backdrop—a location unused by previous administrations. The foremost goal was to craft a design that was television-friendly, but also appealing to attendees. As a result, five network cameras were used to create depth and a sense of patriotic motion.

Visually, a flowing red, white and blue backdrop blanketed the on-stage dignitaries. Unique to this display was a seamless transition from building colors to the stage itself, which contributed greatly to the sense of ceremony. It is difficult to blend solid materials with those that are not, but the designers managed to do so flawlessly.


More than a ceremony, the event ushered in a new era of focus for the state. Working in coordination with the Governor’s office regarding the flow and timing of the event, transitions and other visual aspects were closely choreographed to accompany and support the design queues. And by moving to an all-inclusive, open area, a truly unique feeling for a political event was established. Original audio and scenic designs were very impactful, and delivered a forward-looking experience.