Annual Meeting #1


Each year, the Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce hosts its annual meeting of over 800 business and community leaders. Harvey Schmitt, President and CEO, passed the gavel to his successor. In addition to a review of accomplishments, the meeting would cast vision for the upcoming year, and honor Harvey’s service.


The team created a theme that conveyed a sense of motion. A central, airy stage for presenters was deployed in a large, open space. In combination with rear Teleprompters, intimate audience interaction was enabled. A sweeping spectacle designed to invoke a patriotic theme—live acapella singers, a JROTC brigade, and twelve-screen animated flag all contributed to the sense of scale.
To ensure that the audience became an active part of the evening, a goal was established to “shift” the tone every few minutes. The end result saw the team creating a host of custom animations, original video, and advanced presentations utilizing video mapping. Borderless white screens suspended in mid-air and arranged in a unique geometric format were illuminated with over 80,000 lumens of projection across twelve screens comprising a set 60’ wide and 20’ tall. Away from the audio and visual requirements, CV worked with eight separate presenters, providing professional training for their remarks, and helping to integrate the overall program across multiple aspects.


With confidence in its future leadership, the Chamber experienced an evening of renewed energy and commitment. The level of design, interaction and presence was unexpected, setting the bar high for the coming year.



“What an exciting night! Creative Visions imagined and implemented something unlike anything we had ever seen–and attendees could not stop talking about it. Their team took care of everything, right down to the smallest details. We are already looking forward to next year’s event and can’t wait to see what that entails.” – Tim Giuliani, GRCC