Creative Visions held its second “Backstage Pass” event, where clients, prospects, and industry leaders were invited for a behind-the-scenes look at how to leverage technology to maximize audience engagement.

After receiving a pass to wear, complete with event engagement checklist on the back, guests were admitted through a video-mapped back-alley entrance complete with brick wall and bouncer. They were then greeted by our resident professional photographer, who offered complimentary head shots for LinkedIn profiles or other use. Next up was the green room, where guests could relax and enjoy a cold beverage while viewing a highlight reel of some of Creative Visions’ biggest and most unique events.

Beyond the green room, the real magic was on display across seven stations. Here are just a few of the highlights of what guests were able to experience.

  • On-Screen Engagement: Must-See TV
    • Think about it: if you hear it, you retain approximately 10%. If you hear it AND see it, retention triples. Screen size and configuration matters, and these days you need to evaluate traditional projection screens vs. LED walls and innovative shares and sizes.
  • Moving Engagement: The Magic of Motion Control
    • Motion captures attention, and visual change yields less audience fatigue. Moving screens, walls, and set pieces can take your stage from static to dynamic, and creates multiple presenter environments to enhance messaging. Try mixing motion control with video, as our demo showed.
  • Audio Engagement: The Power of Sound
    • With audio, you don’t want to see it—smart layouts make the equipment disappear and avoid noise cancellation to assure that no matter where the audience is placed, audio is crisp and clear. Other tips included proper microphone placement and how to best coach presenters.
  • Visual Engagement: Lighting the Way
    • Lighting can create focus, set the mood, and helps to tell the story. The added visual impact can create anticipation, add energy, highlight messages and draw immediate attention to presenters and stage elements. Be careful, though. Everything has to be right to allow for proper capture of video and projection on IMAG screens.
  • Strategic Engagement: Strategic Collaboration
    • We can help and provided ten ways to make your VIP’s presentation bulletproof, offer augmented reality, and measure engagement and ROI. We also shared how to get ten pieces of premium content from your next event, more than five ways you can increase audience engagement. 
  • Video Engagement: Effective Storytelling
    • Do you understand your audience and the importance of communicating with a story? Video can help share a compelling story, but it can also hurt if done improperly. And let’s not forget the importance of editing, which is tremendously important. Finally, there are many ways to deliver the message, and we can help you decide the best option.
  • Content Engagement: Building Powerful Messages
    • Ever thought about using animation? Live video doesn’t always have to be your go-to. Simple animation and “explainer” videos can go a long way in telling a story. Five of Creative Visions’ favorite animations were also on display. Here is a sample.

The event was a great showcase to show how clients can use a holistic live event and media strategy, no matter the size of the project. Many invitees came with questions about how to best tackle current projects and came away with specific ideas to realize their vision.

Equally helpful was the interaction between guests, many of whom could be seen sharing their past, present and upcoming projects with others. Many attendees remarked that just knowing how things came together gave them even more ideas for future events.

Mitchell’s Catering provided a unique (and delicious) culinary experience that made the evening a truly unique one. 

Measurement in Action
You measure things that are important. And when you measure it, you can manage it!

For this event, we used a Creative Visions exclusive service offering called The One Thing. This simple evaluation tool presents one question to attendees in order to evaluate the effectiveness of the event. In this process, we learned what worked, and what didn’t. With this insight we learn how to always raise the bar for future event.

Check out the impact report below. We look forward to seeing you at our next Backstage Pass!