Blending Art and Technology

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Today’s sophisticated audiences respond well to motion graphics. By combining beautiful imagery and complex motion, attention is captured and messaging can be reinforced. The end result is amplified impact versus traditional media. Here is a short sample of artists at work in the Creative Visions workshop.

The ROI of Channel Partner Conferences

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In this real world, two-part case study, an insurance company executive was tasked to reduce spending across all areas. Instead, he chose to build the business case for maintaining their investment in channel partner conferences by undertaking a study of the Return On Investment (ROI). The findings of the study conducted by Todd Hanson, Chief… Read more »

Measuring Results of Virtual and Hybrid Events

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Combining a remote, or virtual, audience with face-to-face audiences presents enormous opportunities to extend the reach of important messages. There are also new and sometimes unanticipated challenges. Research into the Virtual Edge Summit, a cutting edge hybrid event, revealed barriers and enablers to success and provides excellent insight on how to maximize impact with every… Read more »

Creating a Seamless Client Experience Through Collaboration

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When Ryan McLaughlin of Advanced Staging Productions walked through his door at 9:30pm on Halloween night with his five-year old and copious amounts of candy, little did he know was about to be called upon by a fellow rental and staging company for a massive political event taking place in less than 48 hours. Advanced, a… Read more »