Just for Fun – CV Super Sustainer

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The passionate professionals at Creative Visions just horsing around for a good cause. We strive to be a fun place to work… and save the planet while we are at it!

Challenging Show Opener

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Sometimes we are called upon to encourage audiences to stretch, to look beyond today, and to envision the amazing opportunities that lie ahead. This show opener drew the audience in, inspired pride, and challenged attendees to become part of a dynamic future.        

Inspirational Show Opener

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Magnificent vistas and inspirational language can create immediate audience engagement and anticipation for upcoming presentations. This corporate event started on a very high note as a result of the creative minds at Creative Visions.    

Blending Art and Technology

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Today’s sophisticated audiences respond well to motion graphics. By combining beautiful imagery and complex motion, attention is captured and messaging can be reinforced. The end result is amplified impact versus traditional media. Here is a short sample of artists at work in the Creative Visions workshop.

Alumni Reunion

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Technical prowess and meticulous planning allowed a cavernous indoor stadium to be transformed into a fantasy-like celebration and a high impact presentation space.

The ROI of Channel Partner Conferences

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In this real world, two-part case study, an insurance company executive was tasked to reduce spending across all areas. Instead, he chose to build the business case for maintaining their investment in channel partner conferences by undertaking a study of the Return On Investment (ROI). The findings of the study conducted by Todd Hanson, Chief… Read more »